BRS-C2-1 – Relay terminal block (SLIM) for DIN rail

Fertron offers a solution with high reliability and precision for electrical controls with the Model BRC-C2-1, providing, through its SLIM format, greater economy of internal space in boxes or electrical panels, helping to reduce costs and facilitating the operation of systems, besides ensuring a high number of operations, also promoting excellent cost-benefit.


The Interface Module, or Coupling Relay, is an electrical switch that performs the function of opening and closing a circuit while maintaining electrical isolation between the control and the power circuit.
The main purpose of this device is to ensure safety during the exchange of signals between the process peripherals and the higher-level central control systems (PLCs, Frequency Inverters, and Drives in general).



  • Slim Model (Width 6.2mm);
  • Optimizes space in electrical panels;
  • LED indication of actuation;
  • High coil/contacts isolation;
  • DIN trail mounting;
  • 1 changeover contact (SPDT);
  • Withdrawable relay;
  • Input voltage without polarity.



  • Drive voltage: 24 VAC / DC;
  • Consumption: Approx. 7mA at 24VDC.



  • Rated voltage: 250 VAC;
  • Rated current: 6A.



  • Ambient Temp: -40°C to 70°C;
  • Humidity: 5 to 85% RH;
  • Connection type: Screw terminal;
  • Cable Gauge: Max. 2,5mm²;
  • Tightening Torque: 0.5Nm;
  • Isolation resistance: 1000M ohms / 500VDC;
  • Coil/contact isolation: 4000VAC/1Min;
  • Open contacts isolation: 1000VAC/ 1Min;
  • Pickling length: 7mm;
  • Mounting: DIN trail 35mm;
  • Protection Degree: IP20.



  • Width: 6,2mm;
  • Height: 71,3 mm;
  • Depth: 88,5 mm.


Weight: 0,03 KG

IPI tax included: 5%
NCM: 8536.41.00

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