Automation systems integration and actions planned from operational to executive level with performance gain and operating yield

An Automation System must contemplate all the operational levels of the Industry, controlling the Process and migrating all the data of this Process to the Corporation.

The objective is to make all process information available in real time, at all operational levels, such as: leaders, management and directors, respecting the level of access granted and allowed at each level of the organizational hierarchy. Remote access to information from any point where the user is located: control, operation and data; it is a reality of our day and Fertron has incorporated this tool in its several access options, allied to the communication systems, to the solutions offered to our customers.

Therefore, the project must be previously structured in order to contemplate Integration and planned actions from the operational level to the executive, with performance gains and operational income. Fertron has a highly qualified team of Engineering Projects, Applications and Systems to meet the applications of the most diverse sectors.

Fertron provides equipment and activities related to control and automation engineering for its industry. For this, it is part of the scope of supply of Fertron, the development of the project, manufacture and application of the following activities and products:


The Automation Master Plans are engineering studies with the purpose of detailing specifications for an automation and process control system, providing basic and conceptual engineering information, details for purchases and manufacturing and erection guidelines, both for devices, hardware and software, respecting standards and based on technical and commercial feasibility.

Items of AMP:


We saw at the beginning of the century in this decade, proclaim that we live in the information age, but it took us around 30 years to see this applied technological revolution to arrive at these terms. Will we wait another 30 years for a new era? No, the times of new generations are getting shorter, considering that we are entering a new decade, in this new century and we are no longer in the age of information, we are living in the age of knowledge, information is already for all of us, in any place at any time. Based on these concepts, will we then bring them to the area of ​​industrial automation, more specifically in the Sugar, Ethanol and Energy sector, in acronym for SEE, has this sector lived and is it experiencing these changes?