MCPU-1 – Citrino CPU Module

The MCPU-1 module stores and executes the programmed control logic and manages communications.
The management and control of industrial processes based on new concepts in various areas are aided by automation which uses equipment and systems containing logic, strategies, sophisticated control loops, etc. that are important because of the intelligence involved, resulting in return on investment and satisfactory yields.
On the other hand, higher performances are proven every day when, besides other factors such as the use of networks, etc, we also use modern processors in the equipment, as found in the MCPU-1 module of the Citrino controller, which works on a microsecond scale in a 32-bit bus, assisting in the calculations and in the countless functions required for the processes.
Another important factor in this module is the memory capacity to store tags and a larger number of instructions.
For the Citrino operation, we used several components such as the MCPU-1 module, the MEXP segment expansion modules in case there is more than one, the I/O modules (analog and digital inputs and outputs), a Power Supply module in each segment, network modules (when there is the need to manage the process via Profibus-DP) and the Citrino Tools software for configuration, programming and parameterization with memory and module allocation in a totally visual and object oriented way. All the components described have high availability due to tests performed in high quality laboratories and research centers.
The benefits are found due to these factors and others such as the mechanics involved in the product, giving agility in handling the modules and components


The MCPU-1 has the ability to manage:

  • Up to 32 input and output (I/O) modules on the local bus, and of these 32 modules, 4 can be profibus master modules (MFI-PBM);
  • Up to 8 Ethernet connections (for example: 8 PCs with supervisors) as a Modbus/TCP server;
  • Up to 32 Ethernet connections (e.g. 32 different devices, including other MCPU-1s) as a Modbus/TCP client;
  • RS-485 communication in Modbus-RTU protocol, as master or slave;

Technical Specifications – MCPU-1-Citrino CPU Module:

  • Power supply: 5.2 Vdc (bus);
  • Indication: By LEDs of signals (Power On, Fail, Run, Stop, Pause, STL Error, FBus Error, and Modbus-RTU Error);
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ºC to 50 ºC;
  • Assembly: BMCPU Base;
  • Degree of Protection: IP-20;
  • Weight: 185 g;
  • Dimension (mm): 65 x 133 x 121 (WxHxD);
  • The base used for this module is the BMCPU. Its characteristics are;
  • Assembly: 35 mm DIN Rail;
  • Weight: 170g;
  • Dimension (mm): 74 x 185 x 54.3 (WxHxD).

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