UCV-500 – Converter

The universal converter UCV-500 is a device for the analog signal conversion to 4-20mA. It engages in one product, the function that was previously intended to separated products. UCV-500 was designed following international standards to have a high quality and to provide excellent insulation against electromagnetic noise. The UCV-500 was developed with SMD technology, with electronic components of the latest generation and low power consumption, using optical coupling in all its inputs and outputs.


Technical specifications:

• Analog Input: Multi-sensor 4-20mA / 0-5VDC / 0-10Vdc / 0-50mV / 0-100mV / Pt-100 (-200 to 800 ° C);
• Thermocouple: in ° C or ° F (type J and K) opto-isolated and with 16-bit resolution;
• Universal Converter: modular multi-sensor;
• Frequency input: 0-5KHz opto-isolated;
• Retransmission: 4-20mA;
• Communication module RS-485 serial (Modbus RTU);
• Application: monitoring and control of motors and low voltage in battery banks;
• Next-generation Microcontroller, low consumption (Flash, RAM, internal EEPROM);
• Full-range Power: (90-240VAC / 47-63Hz) or 125-250Vcc;
• Parameterization: via PC with Ferconf software (Free);
• Dimensions (W x H x D) 42 x 80 x 110mm;
• Degree of protection: IP-20 (Installation 35mm DIN rail).


To download the product manual, inform your data.

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