Electrohydraulic Brake FEH

The line FEH Fertron brake is composed of a wide range of actuators and brake based on the dedicated drive system electrohydraulic. The FEH line brakes are suitable for heavy work schemes with frequent driving rates, and in harsh industrial environments.
Its operating system is based on the following characteristics: A three-phase electric motor, continuously energized, keeps away brake pads brake pulley. When the motor power is removed, the shoes are pressed against the pulley, providing braking. This system allows the safety condition where a power failure causes the brake to the braking condition.


Technical specifications:

• Building Materials: Steel 1020, nodular cast iron and cast aluminum;
• Complete Curb Weight (kg): 46.5 to 258.5;
• three-phase motors 220 V (2.29 A to 8.04 A) – 380 V (1.32 A to 4.64 A) – 440 V (1.15 A to 4.02 A);
• Motor power: 0.75 CV (0,55KW) to 3.0 HP (2.2 kW);
• Oil: Hydraulic 68 (3 ASTM);
• Oil quantity (liters): 1 to 2.


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