Projects, panels, erection, commissioning and start up specific to your industry

Fertron has extensive experience in projects, panels, erection, commissioning and start up specific and dedicated to its industry and the most varied applications. We execute projects for Industrial Electrical Installations, Medium Voltage Cubicles, Engine Control Center (ECC’s), Generator auxiliaries, according to standards. The panels are projected to meet the main communication protocols (ProfiBus, PInternational ProfiBus and ProfiNet, ProfiNet, DeviceNet, EtherNet / IP, ControlNET International).

Therefore, it is part of the scope of supply of Fertron, the development of the project manufacture and application of the following activities and products:

  • Formed by experienced engineers, the commercial department provides technical and commercial proposals with agility and efficiency:
  • Medium and Low Voltage Panel, Electrical installations, Electrical instrumentation Remote I / O frames (inputs and outputs)
  • Field visits to survey and analyze the feasibility of the project
  • Development of “BUDGET’s” proposals, with the aim of prospecting new businesses in electrical applications aimed at Energy Co-Generations, Process or Factory Expansions among others
  • Electrical Installations Master Plan (EMP)
  • Directing Projects for Adaptation to NR-10
  • Executive Projects of Electrical Installations
  • Cogeneration Feasibility Studies
  • Electrical Studies: Short-Circuit Study for Selectivity (Comprehensive Balanced / Unbalace), Short-Circuit for Equipment Suitability (ANSI / IEC), Short-Circuit Study DC, Conventional Selectivity (Chronological + Amperometric), Logic Selectivity , study of Harmonics and Power Factor, Load Flow (LoadFlow), Cable dimensioning, Stability, Power Flow DC, Load Rejection, Motor Start, Motor Re-acceleration, Arc Flash Evaluation, Equipment suitability for short circuit, Electromagnetic Switching transients, Electromagnetic transients by Atmospheric Surge, Isolation Coordination, and CT Saturation study
  • Technical Responsibility Form for all projects
  • Medium Voltage Distribution Panels Class up to 15kV
  • Medium Voltage Panels for Classical Sectioning up to 15kV
  • Medium Voltage Panels for Generator Voltage Surge Protection
  • Medium Voltage Panels for Neutral Generator Closure
  • Medium Voltage Panels for Grounding Transformers
  • All medium voltage panels (cubicles) are projected / built according to NBR IEC 62271-200).
  • MCC: Motor Control Center up to 690V / 4.16Kv
  • GLVB: General Low Voltage Board
  • PDB / LDB: Power Distribution Board and Light Distribution Board
  • DCDB / ACDB: Direct Current and Alternating Current Distribution Board
  • All panels are projected / built according to NBR IEC 62271-200
  • Low Voltage Panel for protection, excitation and synchronism of Generators
  • Low Voltage Panel for Transformers Protection
  • Low Voltage Panel for Capacitor Protection
  • Low Voltage Panel for Protection of High Voltage Substations
  • Low Voltage Panel for Measurement and Charging of High Voltage Substations
  • General Industrial Electrical Erection (MV and LV)
  • Instrumentation erection
  • Substation up to 138KV
  • Houses of Power
  • Energy Import and Export Generators and Systems
  • MCC’s and distribution cables
  • Medium voltage cubicle and distribution cables
  • Grounding systems / issuing reports
  • Protection Relay Programming / Measurement (GE / ABB / Siemens / Schneider / Sel)

Electrical Master Plans

The Electrical Master Plans are engineering studies with the objective of detailing specifications for a system for generating, distributing or starting loads, providing basic and conceptual engineering information, detailing for purchases and instructions for making and assembling, both for devices, loads, protections and control, respecting norms and based on commercial technical feasibility.

Items from an EMP:


Elaboration of lay-outs, single-line and three-line projects using dedicated software and developing the most varied types of electrical and automation panels in this tool.

Fertron is a provider of electrical engineering solutions, combining different solutions for the various disciplines within a process and generating an integrated model with all individual phases.

Preliminary Planning: Preliminary Planning is the basis for a solid planning and manufacturing process. The project information available up to that point, such as that taken from the preparation of the proposal, is now structured and improved.

Detailed Planning: All project steps, from the conceptual definition of requirements to the detailed preparation of the system documentation, are critical for detailed planning.

Manufacturing / Erection: The use of engineering-generated data within manufacturing and assembly opens up unimaginable potential. For example, the on-line transfer of production documents, together with the control of revisions and changes.

Start-up / Operation: An integrated process ensures that the documentation and manual for the start-up are created at the same time as the project is developed.