Industrial Management

Real-time process management for supervision levels and production management

Quality management at Fertron is based on ISO 9001, following the market trend. Managing projects from the perspective of projects has become a strategy increasingly practiced by organizations, due to the need to add value to their products and services in increasingly unstable environments. Fertron offers its clients a Project Office structure (PMO), where its managing members work oriented to a PMBOK structure, using internationally recognized project management practices. The areas of knowledge that are applied in this PMO are described below, and the main objective of the Office is to support project management, in order to deliver projects to its clients on time, cost and contracted scope, as long as aligned with the company’s strategies.

Therefore, it is part of the scope of supply of Fertron, the development of the project, manufacture and application of the following activities and products:

Informatic Master Plans

The Informatic Master Plans are engineering studies with the objective of detailing specifications of an Information Technology IT system in an industrial environment, providing basic and conceptual engineering information, details for purchases and manufacturing and assembly guidelines, both for hardware, software and safety, respecting standards and based on commercial technical feasibility.

Items from an IMP:


With the maturation of industrial automation systems, for example, Scada and PLC are reaching excellent levels of operational control, including the convergence of IT (Information Technology) with AT (Automation Technology) we can see today complete plants operated by integrated operations center (IOC).

The AMP (Automation Master Plans) are already looking for ways to integrate the management of these plants at the intermediate level, that is, how qualitatively and quantitatively efficient my industrial production is? For this, there are Industrial Management tools of different levels and applicability, ranging from a database for crossing information in electronic spreadsheets to the implementation of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) governed by S95, which are connected with ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning).

The main objective is to offer process management information in real time for supervisory and production management levels, for example, the mill may have the correct operational control, without failures or alarm events, however it is working with its degree efficiency in which it was designed to produce? Are the relationships between speed and production level within parameters? The soaking flow is correlated with the broth flow as planned in production.

Well, all this information can be obtained in real time through these management systems, known as Performance Indicators or KPI (Key Performance Indicator), get to know the Industrial Management solutions that Fertron has for your company and gain Plant Intelligence.