About Us

Learn more about Fertron's history and performance

Fertron has been in the national market for four decades. It started its activities in Sertãozinho, in the interior of São Paulo State – Brazil, providing technical assistance for electronic equipment for instrumentation and process control in the sugar-energy sector.

In synergy with the latest technology and our suppliers, Fertron receives training, updating and specialized consultancy for each technological innovation, offering the best to our customers.

When recognized by the market for its intellectual capital in the technical assistance area, the company established partnerships with the objective of expanding its market scope. In the course of its journey, Fertron has become the largest Brazilian integrator in electrical automation.

Since its creation, Fertron has always invested in the development of new products for industrial, electrical and mechanical automation. Currently, it has a wide range of micro-processed and mechanical products with innovative technology.

As a manufacturer or integrator, Fertron aims to provide complete solutions to its customers, both in electrical and automation.

Fetron provides technological solutions for several segments, such as:

Fertron exports to more than 25 countries, located on the continents: American, African, European and Asian. In addition, it is registered as a supplier to Petrobrás.

Fertron has expertise in the implementation of projects: turn-key with teams of: engineering, production, erection  and technical assistance with high qualification for the best execution of your project.


Fertron is a company that strives to maintain the constant evolution of its products and services, always looking for quality improvement, technological updating, through a development team specialized in hardware, firmware and software, in addition to specialized consultancy from main suppliers of electronic components in the market, with constant launches of new products and updates of the existing ones in their usual line.

Our experience, accumulated over time, enables us in the national and international market to offer high-performance, reliable, safe and cost-effective products optimized for each project and application.

Our product line has modular and expansive characteristics, which allows us to offer our customers the implementation of the simplest application, until the total automation of their industrial processes.


For Fertron, being socially responsible means taking a commitment to the personal and professional growth of its employees, as well as promoting education, sport, health, culture and leisure in the communities where it is present. It is to contribute to an even better society, much more conscious and involved with its own needs.

The company, in the search for the fulfillment of its social responsibility, has been developing some projects with employees and the community, such as:



Integração e ações planejadas do nível operacional ao executivo com ganho de performance e rendimento operacional..


Projetos, painéis, montagem, comissionamento e start up específicos para a sua indústria.


Gestão de planta em tempo real para níveis de supervisão e gerência de produção.


We are committed to total customer satisfaction, Fertron provides products and services with a high level of quality and technology.

Fertron anticipates the needs of the dynamic and demanding market, national and international, offering technological innovations, quality and technology in our products with the constant improvement of production methods and processes and strict quality control.

ISO 9001 certified since 2002, Fertron’s commitment to Quality can be attested by its prominent position in the sectors where it operates.

Focus on the quality of internal processes and their integration. Through continuous monitoring of the effectiveness and efficiency of each business process in reaching its objectives, actions are taken to improve its practices, such as review of working methods, training, infrastructure changes, so on. With the organic vision of the process approach, Fertron integrates them, guiding them to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and aligns them with corporate strategies.

Credibility, reliability, guarantee of the best product, state-of-the-art technology, innovation and satisfaction, are the results of the constant work of our quality control to offer excellent products to the Fertron customer. Programs for monitoring the quality of receipt of raw materials, dispatch of the finished product, components, machines and tools, training of our engineers and technicians, tests and measurements, practices and metrology and constant inspection process are part of Fertron's quality control actions.

Provide solutions in control, automation, electrical and Industrial Management, meeting quality requirements, continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, focusing on customer satisfaction and generating profits for the company.