Damper Actuator

The Damper Actuator ATD of Fertron is a pneumatic actuator for various uses, such as in fans and boiler exhausts, gates, valves and other applications where you need hard and fast drive. Can be rotary or linear. This machine has two standard models, defined by the diameter of the pneumatic cylinder, 100mm or 160mm. Easy installation, can be controlled using a positioner or be of the on-off that provided with the filter and the compressed air regulator and may also be fitted with various other devices such as, for example, limit switches.


Technical specifications:

• Medium: Compressed air, filtered, lubricated and non-lubricated;
• Standards: ISO 6431, VDMA 24562, NFE 49-003-1;
• Operation: dual action;
• RA / 8000 adjustable damping;
• RA / 8000 / M magnetic piston, adjustable mortecimento;
• Operating pressure: 1 bar a16 (1 to 10 bar Ø250 and 320 mm);
• Operating Temperature: -10 ° C * to + 80 ° C max;


• Shirt: Anodized aluminum;
• Printheads: injected aluminum (Ø 200-320 mm cast aluminum);
• Stem: stainless steel (Martensitic);
• Sealing rod and piston: Polyurethane (Ø 125-320 mm Nitrile);
• Orings: Nitrile.


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