DSI – 500

The universal indicator DSI-500 is a tool for reading and display of process variables, with a modern and elegant design. The display equipment, with five numeric digits in green LEDs, allows a clear and smooth indication. The display values in floating point allows better use of the five digits of the display. The gear box in extruded aluminum, ensures fine workmanship and provides excellent insulation against electromagnetic noise. The DSI-500 is designed with SMD technology, with electronic components of the latest generation and low power consumption, using optical coupling in all its inputs and outputs. It is modular, allowing the user to tailor the product to their needs.


Technical specifications:

• Modular universal indicator multi-sensor;
• Analog multi-sensor input: 4-20mA / 0-5VDC / 0-10Vdc / 0-50mV / 0-100mV Pt-100 (-200 to 800 ° C) / thermocouple (type J and K) opto-isolated and with resolution 16 bits;
• Contains linearization for thermocouple inputs and Pt-100 with indication in ° C or ° F;
• Frequency input: 0-10 KHz opto-isolated;
• Retransmission: 4-20 mA or 2-10 Vdc;
• Resolution: 16 bits (65535 steps);
• Up to 2 modules digital outputs changeover contact relay for alarms;
• Communication module RS-485 serial (Modbus RTU);
• Numeric display: 5 digits and indicated floating point;
• Next-generation Microcontroller, low consumption (Flash, RAM, internal EEPROM);
• Full-range Power: (85-265 Vac / 47-63 Hz), 100-250 Vdc or 24 Vac;
• Aluminium housing Extruded with standard 96 x 48 mm DIN size;
• Degree of protection: IP-20 (panel mount);
• User-friendly interface; R Parameter setting: via keypad and / or via PC;
• Update rate: 200 ms;
• Precision.


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