RS-400 – Serial Interface

The RS 400 is a serial interface that allows retransmission of RS 485 segments in order to increase the range of the line in 1.2 km increments. The RS 400 interface automatically adapts to the baud rate and has no internal jumpers or switches. In addition, it uses automatic hardware synchronization of transmission and reception, allowing the use of any software when connected to a PC.


Technical Specifications:

– Power Supply: 127 or 220Vac 60Hz selectable per terminal.
– Indication: LED indication of Power 1, Rx, Tx and Power 2 signals.
– Communication: RS-232 to RS-485, RS-485 isolator/repeater.
– Operation temperature: 0-50ºC.
– Assembly: Fixing with screws.
– Protection Degree: IP-20
– Consumption: 220 Vac (17 mA as Interface and 18 mA as Isolator/Repeater), or 110 Vac (27 mA as Interface and 30 mA as Isolator/Repeater).
– Weight: 460g
– Dimensions (mm): 143x82x42 (WxHxD)

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