Quartzo – Compact PLC

Quartzo is a medium-sized PLC that was developed thinking in industrial automation machines or small sectors of industry. Quartz can be expanded using serial or Ethernet communication. It has two serial connections in ModbusRTU protocol that can be configurated either as a slave or master, completely independent of each other. The communication rate can range from 9600 bps to 115200 bps. In Ethernet port it has the client / server platform in Modbus / TCP also independent of each other. As a server, Quartzo can connect up to 8 clients simultaneously and as a client can connect to up to 32 servers in Modbus / TCP. To achieve high performance with all this communication capability, Quartzo has a high performance DSP processor running at 500MHz. In addition to this high performance you can use up to 16 KB of variables in Ladder or store up to 8K instruction (32 KB STL instructions).


Technical specifications:

Its basic hardware contains 32 digital inputs (DI) and 32 digital outputs (DO). It also contains plates (analog hardware) that can be purchased separately according to the desired application. The options of the additional plates are:

  • 32 (thirty-two) opto-isolated digital inputs 24VDC;
  • 32 (thirty-two) outputs opto-isolated digital transistor;
  • 08 (eight) analog inputs 0-10V / 1-5V / 4-20mA;
  • 08 (eight) analog outputs 4-20mA;
  • two (02) serial communication ports • RS-485 via Modbus RTU protocol;
  • 01 (one) Ethernet communication port via Modbus / TCP; PLC configuration software, model Quartz Tools.
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50ºC;
  • Installtion: Screw fixation:
  • Degree of protection: IP-20;
  • Consupmtion: Digital Power 3.5A Max;
  • Analog Power 600mA Max;
  • Weight: 1055Kg;
  • Dimensions Quartz (mm): 272x188x71 (WxHxD);
  • HMI.

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