MFI-PBM – Module Master Profibus-DP

This module has the purpose to give remote PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS DP-V1 connection that meets the EN 50170 standard. That is, a PROFIBUS slave from any manufacturer (Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE) can communicate with the MFI-PBM module from Fertron and leave the data available in the memory of the MCPU-1 module to control the desired application.
The MFI-PBM module is configured and parameterized by the master through its configurator software (CitrinoTools) and the slave equipment GSD files. This GSD file contains information for all I/O modules. For example, the PROFIBUS MFI-PBS slave module has a GSD file (FTR0B2A.gsd) available on the Fertron website for download. industrial. The mechanical part of this transmitter is a derivation of strain gage resistance pressure transducer technology, built with a ceramic diaphragm that provides robustness, accuracy and reliability. The electronic part was born with the 4/20mA analog technology, incorporated the digital microprocessors transforming this transmitter into an intelligent product. Always encompassing electronic, mechanical and digital communication innovations, today this transmitter is the basis of process control.


Technical Specifications – MFI-PBM-Profibus-DP Master Module:

  • Update rate – Up to 12 Mbps;
  • Input data capacity – Up to max. 3584 Bytes of data;
  • Output data capacity – Up to max. 3584 Bytes of data;
  • Maximum data capacity per slave – Up to 244 byte input and 244 byte output per slave;
  • Maximum diagnostic storage capacity – Up to 100 Bytes per slave;
  • Maximum alarm storage capacity – Up to 32 alarm events per slave (each alarm can be up to a maximum of 60 bytes);
  • Maximum slave capacity – Up to 125 stations;
  • Maximum slave capacity per segment – Up to 32 stations without using repeaters;
  • Power Supply – 5,2Vdc (bus);
  • Indication LEDs – PWR, FAIL, PB ST, FB Err, COMM ST, TOK ST, COMM Err and HDW Err;
  • Operating temperature – 0 ºC to 50 ºC;
  • Hot Swap – Yes;
  • Baudrate – 9.6Kbps to 12Mbps;
  • Isolation – 2 KV/min;
  • Assembly – BMFI-PBM base;
  • Protection Degree – IP20;
  • Dimension (mm) – 65 x 133 x 91 (WxHxD);
  • The base used for this module is the BMFI-PBM. Its characteristics are;
  • Assembly: 35 mm DIN Rail;
  • Weight: 170g;
  • Dimension (mm): 74 x 185 x 54.3 (WxHxD).


To download the product manual, inform your data.

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