MEXP-1 – Module for The Expansion of the Citrino Segment

The Segment Expander Module should be used when more than 8 input and output modules are required. Since the total number of modules that the MCPU-1 can communicate locally is 32, we can only use a maximum of 3 segment expander modules. The calculation is done as follows: 32 Modules / 8 Modules per segment will give a maximum of 4 segments. Since the first segment doesn’t use an expander module, we can only use an expander module from the second segment on, giving a total of 3 MEXP-1 at most.


Technical Specifications – MEXP-1-Module Citrino Segment Expansion:

Power Supply: 5.2 Vdc (busbar);
Indication: Power On;
Operating Temperature: 0 ºC to 50 ºC;
Mounting: BMCPU Base;
Degree of Protection: IP-20;
Dimension (mm): 65 x 133 x 121 (WxHxD);
The base used for this module is the BMCPU. Its characteristics are:
Assembly: 35mm DIN Rail;
Weight: 170g;
Dimension (mm): 74 x 185 x 54.3 (WxHxD);
Besides the base (BMCPU), along with the expander module must come the CEXP-1 or CEXP-2 cable, which is a segment expansion cable with lock. Its characteristics are:

CEXP-1 Dimension: 0.60m (when the next segment is physically allocated below the previous segment).
CEXP-2 Size: 1.20m (when the next segment is physically allocated next to the previous segment).

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