Fertron Manifolds were designed with the concept of needle valves, and their maximum allowable working pressure at 20°C is 6000 psi. Their plugs are non-rotating, thus eliminating wear and tear on metal-to-metal contact. In standard mode they are supplied completely in SS316 stainless steel, with PTFE sealing gate and 1/2″ NPT threads. They are manufactured under the quality system, certified according to ISO9000:2000 standard, and all Manifolds are submitted to hydrostatic tests according to API598 standard.


Technical Specifications – Manifolds:

  • Block Valve;
  • 2-Way Manifolds: female thread;
  • 2-Way Manifolds: male thread;
  • 3-way Manifolds: flange thread; and
  • 5-way Manifolds: flange thread.

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