DPS-D20/1P – Surge Protective Device

SPDs (Surge Protective Devices) are devices designed to protect electrical systems and equipment against transient and impulse overvoltages, such as those caused by atmospheric discharges and electrical switching. The function is to divert the discharge or impulse current generated by an overvoltage to ground (PE), thus protecting the equipment in the network. SPDs are installed in parallel with the power line to be protected. At the nominal voltage of the network they are comparable to an open circuit and have a high impedance at their ends. In the presence of an overvoltage, this impedance falls to very low values, closing the circuit to Ground (PE). Their impedance quickly rises again to the initial (very high) value, returning to open loop conditions.


Technical Specifications:

• Class: II;
• Maximum AC operating voltage (50 / 60 Hz) (Uc): 275V;
• Protection voltage level (kV): ≤ 1.0;
• Nominal discharge current (8/20us) (In): 10kA;
• Maximum discharge current (8/20us) (Imax): 20kA;
• Technology: MOV;
• Mode: 1 Pole;
• Compatible standards: IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11;
• Wires: L/N = 10mm² / PE = 25mm²;
• Format: Plug-in module;
• Pluggable: Yes;
• Mounting: DIN Rail 35mm
• Housing material: flame retardant plastic;
• Ambient temperature: -40º to 70ºC;
• Protection Degree: IP20;
• Response time: < 25ns;
• Invalidation indication: Normal: Green / Invalid: Red;
• Remote signal: Optional (under consultation);
• Weight (Kg): 0.11.


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