PLC Citrino FX

The Citrino programmable logic controller has a bold and robust design, as required in field applications, combining efficiency, modularity, expandability, programmability, ease of assembly, and network connectivity. Its high-density I/O modules provide a lower investment cost, even for small I/O applications.



  • 500MHz MCPU-1-CPU, 20MB memory, battery-backed real-time clock, 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet interface over Modbus / TCP, high-speed Modbus-RTU Master / Slave, CPU and Ethernet physical-media redunance support. Requires BMCPU base;
  • M32DI-24V-Module of 32 isolated 24VDC digital inputs, positive logic. Requires BMIO-1 socket;
  • M32DO-TR-Module of 32 isolated digital outputs of 24VDC, positive logic. Requires BMIO-1 socket;
  • M16AI-IV-Module of 16 isolated analog inputs, current and voltage. Requires BMIO-1 base;
  • M16AO-IV-Module with 16 analog isolated current and voltage outputs. Requires BMIO-1 socket;
  • M8AI-IV-Hart-Module of 8 analog inputs in current and voltage. The option to read Hart together with FDT/DTM system is done with current input only. Requires BMIO-1 base;
  • M8AO-IV-Hart-Module with 8 analog outputs in current and voltage. The option to read Hart together with FDT/DTM system is done with current output only. Requires BMIO-1 base;
  • M8FI-Module with 8 frequency inputs (Amplitude 3Vac to 24Vac) without isolation between channels and maximum frequency of 32KHz. Requires BMIO-1 base;
  • MFI-PBM-Module PROFIBUS-DP Master. Requires BMFI-PBM base;
  • MFI-PBS-Slave Module PROFIBUS-DP. Requires BMFI-PBS base;
  • MFI-PNC-PROFINET Controller Module. Requires BMFI-PNC base;
  • MFI-PND-Profinet Device Module. Requires BMFI-PND base;
  • MRES-Reserve module for base filling. Requires BMIO-1 base;
  • Power supply: typical 24 Vdc (18 Vdc – 28 Vdc);
  • I/O Watch mode: display of equipment inputs and outputs, system information, and clock/calendar;
  • Automatic/Manual Station: interaction with the controlled process;
  • I/O Watch mode: visualization of analog inputs and outputs; I/O Watch mode: visualization of digital inputs and outputs;
  • Configuration via Citrino Tools on Ethernet 10/100 Mbps in Windows environment IEC-1131 Ladder Diagrams, up to 1200 instructions;
  • Assembly: 35 mm DIN rail;
  • Weight: 240g;
  • Size of the bases (mm): 74 x 185 x 54.3 (WxHxD);
  • Size of the modules (mm): 65 x 124.3 x 88.7 (LxHxD) for MPS-1, MPS-1RD, MCPU-1, MCPU-2, MFI-PBS, MFI-PND and MEXP-1 without including lock and
  • euroconnector;
  • Module dimensions (mm): 65 x 124.3 x 115.7 (WxHxD) for all other remaining modules not counting lock and euroconnector;
  • Hot Swap: Yes;
  • Protection Degree: IP-20
  • Input refresh rate: Check individual manual;
  • Operation temperature: 0 ºC to 50 ºC; and
  • Indication: LEDs PWR, Fail, PWR-ST, FB-Err.


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