CJF – 400

Smart Junction Box (CJF-400) is intended to protect the main branch of a fieldbus installation in hard IEC61158-2 (PROFIBUS PA fieldbus and FoundationTM) against short circuits generated in leads or branches (between + and -) , limiting the current around 50 mA, the way this spurious does not propagate in the other branches, and not in the main branch. The lead that was short, should operate again as soon as the short is removed.


Technical specifications:

• The equipment may contain 4 (CJF-400-4) or 8 (CJF-400-8) leads (spurs);
• Mechanical equipment developed with degree of protection IP66 with cable glands;
• Short circuit indication LED on each channel;
• Insulation: No;
• Source: Bus 9-31 Vdc;
• Physical environment: According to IEC-61158-2;
• Protocols: Agreement with Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus;
• Maximum Current (short circuit): 50mA;
• Maximum Current in the Main Trunk: ≤ 2.5;
• Maximum Voltage Drop (by derivation): 0.3V to 20 mA current;
• Terminator: Ω resistor 100 and 1 μF capacitor;
• Surge Protector: 39v (typical), 41V (max);
• Operating Temperature: 0 ° to 60 ° C.

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