CDP-400 – Controlador Multi-Station

CDP 400 allows full configuration from the front, without the need for programmers and dedicated interfaces intuitive and friendly way, was totally structured by sequencing screens in the name of the block where the operator has the information for setting and characterization of them. It is also possible to calibrate the inputs and outputs, the mesh tuning adjustments, construction of curves, profit adjustments / Bias / limits, among other functions.


Technical specifications:

• Liquid crystal display;
• 6 analog inputs Multi-sensors;
• 4 frequency inputs;
• 4 digital inputs;
• 4 digital outputs;
• Serial communication channel RS 485 integrated into the Token-Passing;
• Hardware opto-isolated;
• Flash Memory, NVRAM, EPROM, with real-time clock;
• PEER-TO-PEER design with baud rate;
• Adjustable up to 57,600 bps;
• Communication protocol with OPC driver;
• Configurator Fersoft in Windows NT environment and the controller front via;
• View 16 alarms with 12 characters each;
• Trend graphics;
• Up to 170 configuration blocks, inclunding real polynomials up to 16th grade;
• Dimensions:
• Width: 72 mm;
• Height: 144 mm;
• Depth: 259 mm;
• Weight: 1,37 KG.

IPI tax included: 15%.
NCM: 8538.90.10

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