CD-420 – Converter

The CD 420 converter is intended for applications in level measurement of solids and liquids where continuous measurement is not possible for process reasons. The CD 420 operates in conjunction with capacitive proximity sensors mod. STF-2500B, or any similar sensors, including electromechanical ones, that provide open-collector or dry-contact outputs. The output of the converter is adjustable from 0 to 100% of the span, and accepts up to six sensors. In cases where active sensors are used, such as the STF-2500 B, the CD-420 already provides the supply voltage for them, simplifying application designs by eliminating the need for external auxiliary DC power supplies.


Technical Specification:

  • Power supply: 110/220Vac 60Hz;
  • Inputs: 1 to 6 digital inputs (opto-isolated);
  • Outputs: 1 output of 4-20mA analog signal;
  • 1 -12Vdc/450mA output (for power supply of up to 6 sensors of 70mA);
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50C;
  • Mounting: 35mm DIN rail or screws;
  • Protection Degree: IP-00;
  • Consumption: 9,6VA;
  • Weight: 705g; and
  • Dimension: 75x100x123mm (HxWxD).


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