STF-2500C – Capacitive Sensor

The STF-2500C is a precision electronic device for the detection of various types of solid or liquid materials in harsh environments, or in applications where conductive sensors are not suitable due to the presence of moisture, corrosion, etc.


STF-2500C Technical Specifications:

  • STF-2500C in conjunction with CD420 converter for level monitoring and control;
  • Power supply: 12 – 30Vdc (nominal 24Vdc);
  • Indication: LED “Activated”;
  • Sensitivity: 0 – 50mm (adjustable);
  • Outputs: High mode and Low mode (maximum current 100mA);
  • Operating temperature: 0-50°C;
  • Assembly: screw fixing;
  • Protection Degree: IP-65;
  • Consumption: 0,7VA;
  • Weight: 0,3Kg; and
  • Dimension: 42mm x Ø127mm (H x D).


To download the product manual, inform your data.

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