DCS-BT – Microprocessor Digital Capacitive Sensor

The DCS-BT Digital Capacitive Sensor is a precision microprocessor-based electronic device, designed to detect solid materials or liquids in aggressive environments where conductive sensors are not suitable due to the presence of moisture and corrosion. Configured through an Android application via Bluetooth wireless connection, the DCS-BT differs from capacitive sensors available on the market for the ease and safety of adjustment from a distance, and also for its large sensing area, making it suitable for the detection of porous solids or non-compacted solids that have voids such as those found in sugarcane bagasse, chemicals, grains, etc. The DCS-BT is produced with a black polypropylene (PP) housing and its electronic circuitry encapsulated in epoxy, resulting in a totally waterproof sensor. When used in conjunction with a Fertron CD-420 signal converter, Fertron sensors can be used in level monitoring and control systems in applications where continuous level measurement is not possible or economically viable.


Technical Specifications:

  • Sensitivity of detection: 0 – 50mm;
  • PNP and NPN digital outputs;
  • Bluetooth 4.2 communication;
  • Configured via Android application;
  • 12 ~ 30 Vdc power supply;
  • LED indication;
  • Operating temperature: 0-50°C;
  • IP67 protection grade;
  • Screw fastening;
  • Dimension: 42mm x Ø127mm (H x D).


Configurations and monitoring specifications:

  • Access protection via user-defined password of up to seven characters;
  • Visualization of the detection level value of the capacitive sensor;
  • Auto Zero and Span adjustment;
  • Fine tuning;
  • Adjustment of detection delay time;
  • Configures device name on the network;
  • Blink function to show which sensor is connected;
  • Output status indication.

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