VDC – 2.0 – Bottom Discharge Valve

The VDC-2.0 Valves allow the discharge of the boiler, as programmed in the control panel or manually. The Solenoid Valve when energized sends air to the bottom of the jacket keeping the bottom valve in the open position. When de-energized, the solenoid valve sends air to the upper part of the jacket, taking the bottom valve to the closed position. In addition to the air, the valve is also closed by the return of the spring installed inside the jacket. It is necessary to make adjustments to the flow regulating valve to avoid water hammer in the bottom valve. The VDC-01 valves must be installed in Ø2″ piping coming from the bottom of the boiler bottom balloon, derived in two branches. The flow regulating valve must be adjusted.


The VDC-2.0 Valves allow the discharge of the boiler, as programmed by control panel or manual.

Technical Specifications – VDC-2.0 :

  • Type: globe;
  • Connection: ANSI Ø2″ flange, pressure class 600;
  • Body: carbon steel 1025, standardized;
  • Seat: 316 stainless steel;
  • Lever for manual opening (optional);
  • Solenoid valve: model x42255-5-g220, 5-way – NORGREN;
  • Pneumatic set filter regulator and lubricator model;
  • P1H200-M1QA – NORGREN;
  • Flow regulating valve model T1000A28000 – NORGREN;
  • Interconnections: pneumatic; and
  • Power supply: 220VDC.

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