30301 – Guided Wave Level Transmitter

The 30 301 is a HART level transmitter designed to detect levels of solids or liquids in tanks or containers. Using guided wave radar (GWR) techniques, the 30 301 manipulates radio frequency signals for the purpose of distance measurement. These pulses travel to the product surface where they are reflected and received back by the emitting device. Using the principles of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), the 30 301 is able to calculate the level of the product contained in the container. The level information calculated by the 30 301 is read as a 4-20mA electrical signal and or via HART protocol.



  • HART 4/20mA technology, ideal for data acquisition and process control;
  • Measures levels up to 14m using radar-guided wave principles. Longer distances on request;
  • Operation independent of variations in temperature, pressure and product density, compatible with a wide variety of applications;
  • Capable of measuring liquids and solids. Robust construction allows for easy maintenance and cleaning;
  • Excellent immunity to variations in environmental conditions such as vapors, fumes, dust; good immunity to product buildup and
  • condensation;
  • Available with flexible cable probes or optionally vergalhai rigid, double probe and, for special cases, with coaxial probe.



  • Width: 121 mm
  • Height: 194 mm
  • Depth: mm
  • Weight: 6 KG

NCM: 9026.20.90

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