20301 – Temperature Transmitter

The 20 301 is an excellent solution for applications involving temperature measurement. With the HART protocol the 20 301 is easily configurable via desktop PC or hand held field configurator. The 20 301 uses a rugged aluminum housing for industrial installations as well as harsh environments. High precision electronics with an advanced thermal compensation process provide optimum performance with RTD and thermocouple sensors. In addition, the 20 301 can also operate transducers with volt signals with outputs ranging from 1mv to 1v, or outputs in Ohms, which by means of a software-controlled current source can read resistance values.



  • 4-20 mA transmitter with HART communication;
  • Resistance (RTD), Thermocouple (TP), Diode and Transistor type sensor;
  • Single sensor with 2, 3 or 4 configuration wires;
  • Dual sensor for differential, average, maximum and minimum readings;
  • Voltage input for Voltaic Transducers;
  • Current output for Ohmic transducers;
  • Sensor and sensor failure alarm;
  • Analog inputs with minimum isolation of 500v;
  • Compatible with rugged industrial installations.


  • Width: 121 mm;
  • Height: 98 mm;
  • Depth: mm;
  • Weight: 0.999 KG.

NCM: 9026.20.90

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